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Flat icon style with added depth. There was inspiration from paper art which lead to giving the icons a fold and not shying from delicate lines.

Click on the images for high res pngs. Free for personal or commercial use. Please credit if used. If you would like the .ai, please contact me. Thank you!

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This font was inspired by the roaring 20’s advertising era. I love how it came out classic and playful while combining structure with the fluid movement of a roller coaster. You can download the font for free commercial or personal use.

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I wanted to create a brand based around a couple of games my husband made for our 2 year old daughter since working on projects for children is when I have the most fun.
The name Tapigo is meant to be perceived as something recognizable (even if not exact) in multiple languages to encourage the feeling of inclusion. It had a young energy, direct reference to its’ actual use (tapping on a screen) and global appeal (took name options around to a few moms of different cultures before finalizing). The logo is meant to show a collection of apps landing into a tablet which mixes the old with the new (Remember collecting Genesis games?), tells the parents, “There are many to get!” and allowed for dynamic movement.
The site’s mission was to make parents instantly feel comfortable that our games are safe and fun for their toddlers and young kids. We wanted parents to not just learn about the games by visiting the site, but also feel like they were part of a community so we added a place for discussion and sharing where everyone could exchange information about being a parent.
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An app that created an easy way to find professional focused events either publically or from work/school connections and exchange business cards. I created the UX and prototypes for guerilla testing and the Visual target.