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Proof of Concept

Alpha version after competitor analysis


PixyKids aimed for a few unique goals :
From an art perspective, we wanted to replace the usual 2D flash animated characters that were used in all the competitors with 3D characters and environments to create a more engaging world (similar to console).

In a world that was only beginning to encourage kids to go onto the web, we wanted to create a safe and creative space where kids could be introduced to online communication without it just being another game.

A month after this kid’s social creativity platform got Angel investment, I was hired to help grow the product (art direction, illustration and product design) and put together pitch decks for investors.


  • We received Venture investment of $2M .


My main driver was the product’s overall direction while managing 2-6 artists internally and externally. Guiding the direction of the digital world each child would experience while still appealing to parents was a key pillar for us. I worked closely with our Product Director to help design features and ensure that the art implementation kept true to the holistic design of the product.
We spent considerable time doing competitor analysis and I kept my team up to date with new companies and products in the space to evaluate. Once we had user testing and feedback on our alpha we made the decision to change our product’s demographic.


We needed our brand to tailor more to the tween market (8-11) because we were testing better with them and parents felt more comfortable at that age for their children to be online in a social space. We started with building recognizable characters and environments; which I led the development on from concept to 3d animated and optimized for web while managing the production of updating the look of the site. I worked closely with the VP of Marketing on the re-design of the site and pitched ways to engage parents on our social channels.


  • We had increased FB engagement by promoting
  • PixyKids gained attention, endorsements and partnerships with Girl Scouts of America, National Geographic Kids and Disney.
  • Kazaana was mentioned in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, BusinessWire and received COPPA compliance and kidSAFE Seal.
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New Site Design to adjust demographic change

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