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A collaboration with 2 Columbia MBA students to get the product ready to be pitched at “Startup Compete” 2014. Track Ripple was conceived by one of the Founders who was heavily involved with the music scenes of NY and Miami, looking to create an “Innovative and affordable service for musicians that intelligently matches and distributes their tracks to like-minded online publications.”

Brand the company and build the UX (flow, prototypes) and Visual Design for the site. We went with a modernly clean and icon heavy site since we had to appeal to multiple audiences (business people, musicians and writers). For the logo, it was important that it was easily recognizable to the meaning of the company so our final centered around “the charts of an album”.

When building the profile portion of the site, I wanted to push the dropping of a track (monetization) and to add more songs (engagement, user-content creation) so I made songs already added to be darker, but legible.
The notifications drop down was designed to keep the User on their profile page as well so that they could do minor management or listening without leaving the page. When they added a song from the notifications, it would auto add to the list where they could then drop the track in just 2 clicks.


  • Unfortunately the product was never fully built for the competition, but may get a second chance as a side project one day.