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RV Runner came to life when my husband started his own company making mobile games. Runner type games were all the rage and we thought why not make something kitsch in the genre to help stand out? My grandparents have had an RV all their lives and own one as their only home for the past 8 years. I spent a lot of time in campgrounds growing up and always loved being a part of that lifestyle (freedom, exploration, meeting new people) so I was excited to create a game around the theme.

RV Runner was built in about 4 months as a side project with 3 people and a few pieces of outsourced art. My responsibilities included creating the UI elements, environment art and handling all the marketing. We had to be resourceful with how we were going to get the word out for the game when CPI was 2.73/Player (VentureBeat) and we were a small company. I created a video that matched the game’s lowbrow artistic vision, partnered with popular youtuber 1puglife (“canadian redneck adventure/comedy channel”) and submitted the game to conferences.
Our target demographic was 16-25 and people who were fans of Adult Swim and off-beat products. We shared our game on Test Flight to get feedback from friends and family of this demographic to adjust the layouts.


  • RV Runner was invited to the Apps World Conference in 2014
  • Selected as a top 10 indie for the Captivate Conference in Austin Texas 2013
  • Spoke on day 2 of the IGG (Indie Games for Good) marathon about the production of creating RV Runner to support raising money for ChildsPlayCharity