To ship a mobile game contender for the top 20 F2P market and build up company presence in the overall mobile market. Create a game designed for hard-core mobile players, current loyal War Commander PC players and Command and Conquer fans.


During Rogue Assault’s mid-cycle of development, my focus was to bring consistency, iterate on the existing design and build prototypes and specs for new features. Through Competitor analysis, User testing and internal playtests, we identified pain points that Players were having with the current product and designed solutions to get our game test market ready.


  • WCRA went into Test Market with better than expected results.
  • We were able to collect valuable data to make our product our stronger for Beta and Live.

ALPHA TO BETA (0 >> 200k Users)

In test market, I was managing 2 UX designers (focused on polishing to AAA quality design and building new features) and advocating for creating the best experiences to leadership while balancing tight deadlines. The UX team was responsible for understanding and conveying design features and Player needs, creating prototypes and writing design reqs that were the blueprints for engineering to build. I adjusted design’s process multiple times to lead or coincide with our large, agile team in order to deliver on time.


I collaborated closely with the Leadership, Product and Customer Service team in order to keep a pulse on the numerous channels we got Player feedback from. I would evaluate and create or delegate design solutions to help solve issues centered around specific metrics. I championed strong team communication in order to build quickly since we were constantly reacting to large amounts of data.


  • WCRA is a top grossing game on both iOS and Google Play stores
  • It was featured numerous times in Apple and Google’s app stores.